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This Wireless Internet Service is Great!!!
it's 10 times as fast but only costs a few dollars more than AOL.
Thanks CWIS!!!




Don't Settle for Dial-Up Compression services, High Speed Cable, or DSL... unless you can't get CWIS Broadband yet. AOL and MSN can't touch CWIS Broadband's speed or price. WE GUARANTEE IT!!! CWIS Broadband pricing starts at a very affordable rate of $24.95. You'll experience speeds that trample Dial-up and rival DSL and Hi-Speed Cable Internet Services at a fraction of the cost. Use your phone line to make phone calls, and get rid of that second line you needed for Dial-Up. CWIS can handle your internet. Contact us TODAY!!!


The Terms AOL and MSN used on this site are Trademarks of AOL Timewarner and Microsoft Corporation respectively and are in no way associated with CWIS, LLC.

Hi-Speed Internet

High Speed Broadband

Speeds up to 2Mps

We provide High Speed Wireless Internet Access to Residential and Business Customers in Va and NC.